Music Shops in Sunderland

Find the best places in Sunderland to buy music equipment.

Sunderland has a great range of guitar shops that we want our guitar students to go and check out.

Whether you are looking for a brand new Gibson or simply just want to pick up a plectrum here are the music stores in Sunderland that you will want to check out. In no order...

Armstrongs Guitars

Armstrongs Guitars is a family ran independent guitar shop located at 121 Bede Street, Roker, SR6 0NT that boast a great range of guitars and guitar accessories. More than capable of supplying you will all your daily guitar needs, from strings to tuners, Armstrong's guitars also undertake a guitar repair service that is quality. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you out with any guitar questions - well worth checking out.

Alenia's Music Art

Alenia's Music Art is one of the more unusual music stores in Sunderland - combining music with craft in a quirky shop. Located at 314 High Street, SR1 3ET, Alenia's Music Art is worth checking out just to have the experience of going inside. Boasting some unusual guitars like Danelectro and Italia Maranello's guitar models the shop has an interesting blend of equipment that suits beginner to mediumly advanced guitarists - also packed with music books. Check them out.

JG Windows

JG Windows, although located over in Newcastle, is a guitar shop well worth visiting. One of the longest surviving music stores in the UK having been set up in 1908, their three-story store located in the Central Arcade, NE1 5BP is well worth seeing just in itself, packed full of guitar equipment and amazing musical instruments. With a wide range of stock, including some of the rarer guitars, JG Windows certainly provides for all levels of guitarists. The shop is also packed with musical accessories, including guitar tab music and gig bags, with a guitar repair service which is perhaps the best in the city. Absolutely top guitar and music store that will hopefully serve many more generations to come.

Sunderland Music

Sunderland music is a great local music store that is located on 3-4 Hudson Rd, Sunderland SR1 2AQ. They have a great range of both new and second hand instruments. Many reviews have commented on how helpful the staff are and how nice the owner is. They are known in the area for being the go to shop if you are a drummer or need a repair of any kind. For more information, visit their facebook page or check out the store.


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